The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Opt for Houston Highrise Living

The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Opt for Houston Highrise Living

High-Rise LivingHouston Highrises: Top Ten Reasons for Apartment Living

Prowling Houston for a high-rise luxury apartment is similar to shopping for a trendy sports coupe. You will find all the good stuff such as prestige, exhilaration and the allure of a new and improved lifestyle. High-rise living offers more amenities with an abundance of shops and restaurants. For most home buyers the question is not why, it is rather why not.
One of the major issues of owning a property is that it is likely that you will run into problems on a regular basis. People who own elegant and big houses know that they are quite inconvenient with respect to maintenance. Even if you are renting a house, you will still be responsible for hiring maintenance workers or fixing problems. On the other hand, high-rise living liberates you from all these concerns.
Living in high-rise apartments can help you save plenty of money. However, you should keep in mind that small spaces also lend themselves to a number of different decorating tricks. You can also think of imaginative solutions to transform even the smallest of spaces into a practical and stylish abode.

Here are ten reasons you will love high-rise living:

1.     Great Location

High-Rise LivingA good location is one of the primary considerations when buying a home and affects home price. You would like to live in a friendly and crime-free neighborhood. High rise apartment complexes are often built in desirable and urban locations in order to meet the diverse needs of residents.
High-rise living yields a slew of welcoming lifestyle features due to its location; this includes the proximity to shopping malls, public transportation, and better nightlife among others. This means that by buying a high-rise apartment, you can buy a great location at an economical price.

2.     Economical Utilities

Many apartment buildings tend to include utility charges in the aggregate rent while others may require residents to pay their own utilities. That being said, living in high-rise apartments often results in much lower utility charges overall. This is because of the better construction practices and standards.
In addition, many high-rise apartments can benefit you by negotiating lower rates in bulk, even if you pay your bills individually. This can bring you considerable cost savings. So, if you do not use the internet regularly, many resident lounges offer free Wi-Fi. This means you may not need to sign up for internet yourself.

3.     High-Rise Living = Spectacular View

High-Rise LivingYou really do not need a lot of convincing that high-rise apartments are the best way to go as you get to experience the stunning and dizzying views they can offer.
Whether you live on the fifth floor or the sixteenth floor, there is always something exciting and impressive about being able to step into the balcony and take in the breathtaking views of your area irrespective of the time of year.
You could have a gorgeous view of the Buffalo Bayou Park, take in the incredible sights of The Dogwood, look out over the amazing Raven Tower or maybe have a distinct view of the Eleanor Tinsley Park from the apartment, depending on your location. You will also enjoy more natural light, fresh air and better ventilation.

4.     Improved Safety and Security

High-Rise LivingEntering a contemporary high-rise apartment complex is not simple: there are several doors to navigate such as the main door as well as the floor doors to reach your apartment door. This means your apartment cannot be accessed easily by thieves and intruders. This is particularly true if you have a security foyer or alarm in your living space.
In addition, a majority of apartment complexes are often protected using a gated system. At times, security officers are hired to monitor the building, meaning they record each person who enters and leaves the building. In contrast, installing the same type of security system in your personal house can be more expensive.

5.     Sense of Community

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, if you live in a suitable high rise, it can offer a sense of belonging and community that many residents crave. This is because many large apartments regularly host fitness classes or resident events that, allowing you to know more about your neighbors. After meeting a couple of families or people that live in the building, you will start to feel right at home.

6.     Sustainability

The correct size of the apartments also lead minimized resource utilization (such as gas, electricity and water). Note that it is particularly relevant in the case of air-conditioning and heating as you can benefit considerably from the cooling and heating habits of the neighbors.
For example, if you share a wall with a couple or family that prefers to keep their home warm during the winters, you can keep your heating low and lower your payments. As a matter of fact, sustainability is often one of the primary aspects most construction firms take into account when they build an apartment complex.

7.     Effortless Cleaning

A lot of devoted housewives who are choosing an apartment over a house definitely feel like the happiest bunch on earth. This is because apartments are much smaller and need less cleaning compared to large houses. This also means that you have an opportunity to invest more time and energy in more productive and entertaining activities, for instance, go to the gym or take guitar lessons.

8.     Underground Parking

It is likely that if you own a car, you are familiar with how annoying it could be to find suitable parking space in Houston. However, high-rise buildings offer underground parking, which is an extremely convenient amenity.
You will usually have a reserved parking spot designated to you; as a result, you will not need to compete with the rest of the city just to find parking. In addition, you could benefit from keeping your vehicle underground. Your care will be safe and secure from the elements, particularly during a harsh winter. You can hop in your comfy car and simply drive away without needing to chip ice off your windshield or brush off several inches of snow.

9.     Access to Amenities

Top-notch amenities are a big reason why many modern families prefer high rise apartment complexes. These amenities include doormen, controlled entry, fitness centers, security systems, swimming pools, games room, saunas, guest housing, dog parks and even morning coffee. These amenities have become the hallmark of high rise apartment living.

The best part is that you can enjoy the facilities without going through the aggravation or hassle of performing upkeep and maintenance. Security systems and doormen are very valuable especially for travelers and singles.
Although you can have these facilities in a house, they will cost considerably higher. In addition, you will have to maintain them on your own.

10.     Great Short-Term Option

High-Rise LivingParallel to purchasing a house, apartment rentals often make ideal short-term options.  Deciding to purchase a house is usually a lifelong dream for most people. That being said, you will need to live somewhere as you strive to make your big dream come true.
A high-rise apartment is an excellent interim option, especially if you are a student. This holds true in most situations, including whether you are saving money, or working on credit. You can also opt for high-rise living if you preparing yourself mentally for the  responsibility associated with owning a house. Also, due to the low commitment, you can move out whenever you please without getting financially tangled in a house with a huge mortgage. It also gives you the chance to live in high socioeconomic areas.
All these reasons make high-rise living more appealing and convenient to people. By moving in an urban and secure complex you will considerably improve the overall quality of your life. You will enjoy better pastime activities as you will be closer to cinemas, theaters, sports facilities, restaurants and bars. Living in an urban center is very different compared to life in the suburbs, where you may not have many exciting activities other than sipping coffee with your neighbor.
Take a tour of the building as well as a similar unit prior to making up your mind. You should also take your family along for the tour. You may also like to walk around the building. This will give you an idea of the type of people living there. You can also get in touch with the neighborhood.

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